About this Class

Did you know the “wall decor market” comprised of “art prints” and “wall art” which many people buy at stores like Target or Bed Bath + Beyond generates $8B in sales? Yes, 8 BILLION. With $8B in sales, the wall decor market shows a real consumer demand for “art”. Wouldn’t you like a piece of that action?

It’s good to know…

• The first rule of art buying is: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

• There’s a ton of affordable art available for sale on-line and in big box stores

• Graphic artists simply want to find loving homes for their work and recognize their customers are not necessarily art connoisseurs

• Designers make money selling their services, so why not add art licensing to the mix?

If more people understood what art world insiders know, and felt empowered to act on that knowledge, independent artists would sell more art and make more money.

Well, I can tell you, “the hallmarks of the mass market wall decor industry are convenience and affordability. This creates a competitive advantage, especially if retailers like Target continue supporting artists by promoting and selling their works”.

(Scott "Sourdough" Power, Creator of NOT REAL ART. See link to full article in the links section)

The key concepts I will include:

• Setting up a workflow to sustain mass production

• An overview of what is trending now in home décor artwork and methods to create color schemes which are on trend

• Approaches you can take in your creative work moving forward

• Trade secrets never before shared including specific interactions with my licensing agent

• Accepted means for submitting art to licensing agents 

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