One of the most amazing things about Procreate is the abundance of brushes available, and not just the ones that comes with the app, but the custom brushes from artists all over the world including those from me! There’s something to suit every style. A Procreate brush pack can even influence your work and push your creativity to new places. It’s super exciting and one of those must-have skills I recommend to all students! In this class, Specialty Brush Creation in Procreate, I will be further exploring the creation of brushes in Procreate, but these all have a twist!

You may think you have the best default Procreate brush for you, and you don’t need to figure out how to make new ones. Maybe that’s all good but learning how to take advantage of third-party brushes and the Procreate brush settings will really take your art up a notch.

This Procreate brush tutorial will look at the creating specialty brushes like outline brushes, scatter brushes, texture brushes, dual brushes and pattern brushes, and a couple of specialty surprise brushes. Being able to edit brush settings introduces even more opportunities. If you can customize a brush, you can make powerful changes to suit specific needs, as I have done in this class.

In this class I’ll walk you through:

  • my step-by-step method for creating brushes in Procreate
  • tips for adjusting brushes to make the behaviour suitable for your needs
  • adjusting brushes to perfect the look and finish
  • how to create dual brushes which unlock a tremendous amount of power to your brush making

If you’re an aspiring designer with a good basic knowledge of Procreate, you’ll be able to go through all the steps to create your own custom specialty brushes. This class will benefit anyone who wishes to simplify creation of seamless patterns and methods to improve efficiency.

The key concepts I will include:

  • review of my brush alterations and adjustments
  • a look at Procreate brushes and their various idiosyncrasies
  • approaches you can take in your creative work

This is an ideal class for you, even if you are not sure what you will use the brushes for, whether it be for pattern design, or whatever! Learning new Procreate workflows is always desirable. I guarantee you will create something really appealing, and it’s so much fun once you get the hang of it!

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