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I crafted this Christmas Bird using both Procreate and Affinity Designer, utilizing the Pixel Persona. This short mini-class will show you the Procreate version. I have developed this mini-class specifically focusing on the creation of my well-liked Christmas Bird. Although not a full-hour, step-by-step course, this mini-class provides you with all the necessary information you need to embark on your artistic journey. Through a breakdown of every layer and explanation of my illustration process, I explain the steps involved in bringing this delightful Christmas Bird to life.

After completing the bird, I even transformed it into a repeat pattern, an addition to the complete collection I am currently developing for Christmas 2024.

When it comes to my membership, what I bring to the table is a deep understanding of various software tools, including Procreate, Affinity Designer, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. With my career experiences, I am well-equipped to guide you towards realizing your artistic potential.

In addition to providing instruction, I offer personalized coaching sessions to support your individual growth. If you're interested in receiving one-on-one guidance, visit the coaching information page to explore this opportunity.

By enrolling in my school today, you gain access to an abundance of valuable knowledge and continued, up-to-date instruction. In our Procreate classes, I cover a plethora of fundamental concepts that will elevate your artistic skills to new heights.

As a member of the Deloresart HubSpot, our exclusive private membership community, you will join a vibrant and engaged collective of like-minded individuals. This immersive experience provides a supportive space for collaboration, exchanging ideas, and fostering creative growth.

I host weekly interactive sessions, during which I answer your burning questions and share the wealth of knowledge I have gained over my (she whispers) 40-year career in the industry. This opportunity allows you to tap into my wealth of experience and benefit from my expertise firsthand.

Don't miss out on this incredible chance to enhance your design and illustration abilities. Join our thriving school today and become a member of the Deloresart HubSpot Community. Together, we will begin your transformative journey of artistic exploration and accomplishment.

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Full Set of Christmas Brushes

Visit the Artist Resources

for the full set of Christmas Brushes also used in the Baubles Class. There may be overlap with a few of the free brushes I have provided in the various Christmas classes.

Fresh Blooms and Foliage

I have used these flower brushes in many illustrations. Check out my Instagram feed December 2023 to see more. This set includes many new blooms and foliage varieties.

Christmas Joy Extended Set

This set is available in the Artist Resources as well. Find all the resources in the same set. Use the code Perk-Joy to get 50% off all licenses. Remember to buy the commercial license if you are using it on products you will be selling.

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