About this Class:

Including stencils in our mixed media artwork allows us to add a uniqueness to our work without having to worry about creating perfect shapes or drawing the same elements many times over. Stencils make it easy to add shapes and patterns that can be repeated many times across our work. In this class, we will harness the power of stencils and a explore few of the different techniques you can use them with. The beauty of stenciling is that it can be undone!

This class, Create and Use Stencils for Procreate Mixed Media, will show you some of my mixed media illustration methodology, and ways to use brushes to create stencils and also to create stencils and make them into brushes. In the class, I take you from start to finish in creating a full mixed media art piece, notably with the use of several stencils to create a richly layered authentic-looking organic art piece. And, I have techniques to make it so easy, you will use the techniques over and over again. No two pieces will be alike! I provide everything you will need including some stencil shapes, sponges in many forms and a variety of other assets. I have used this method over and over and have developed workflows to keep the art completely editable. But the star of the show is definitely the “stencils” creation and using brushes to create these.

In this class I’ll walk you through:

·       my step-by-step method for making stencils in Procreate

·       tips for creating compositions for a varied and appealing design using brushes

·       my workflow for use of layers and other great features like snapping

·       adjusting stencils to perfect the flow and adding elements 

·       full mixed media background creation

·       methods for keeping the artwork fully editable for later adjustments and recoloring 

If you’re an aspiring pattern designer with a good basic knowledge of Procreate, you’ll be able to go through all the steps. This class will benefit anyone who wishes to experience different illustration techniques and experiment with mixed media.

The key concepts I will include:

·       review of my brush alterations and adjustments

·       a look at Procreate brushes and their various idiosyncrasies

·       approaches you can take in your creative work

·       use of blend modes to create even more exciting effects

This is an ideal class for you, even if you are not sure what you will use the art for, whether it be for fabric design for sites like Spoonflower, scrapbooking paper, custom web graphics, murals, or whatever! Learning new Procreate workflows is always desirable. I guarantee you will create something really appealing, and it’s so much fun, once you get the hang of it!

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