About this Class:

If you could have everything you wished for, would you want to see the return of the Adobe Textile Designer plug in? Have you yearned for a simpler way to create pattern repeats in Photoshop? Well, if you answered ”Yes” to those questions, you will love this class. It’s all about a new feature added in Photoshop 2021, the Pattern Preview. This new feature makes Photoshop pattern design similar to Illustrator in that you see a live preview of the design as you are arranging it. 

The name Pattern Preview is deceiving as it is more than a preview tool. In these lessons, you will learn to use the Pattern Preview tool for making an intricate fitted pattern. I will show you the value of Smart Objects and how to make a variety of backgrounds. Upon completion of the lessons,  you will have a range of patterns useful for submitting for art licensing, Spoonflower and any POD sites like Society6, Spoonflower, and RedBubble.

This class is suitable for artists with some knowledge of Photoshop and pattern design in general, but it will also be good information for beginners. While the tech is a bit complicated, you will see the main focus of this class is composing the pattern and readying the repeat for use. Throughout the class, I demonstrate troubleshooting techniques for problems that sometimes occur with this Pattern Previewer.

Concepts covered:

Concepts covered include but are not limited to hue and saturation, liquify, Photoshop export and airdrop, introduction to the new Pattern previewer in photoshop, layer adjustments, hue and saturation adjustment layer, clipping adjustment layers, setting up patterns in photoshop, smart object creation and rationale, pattern previewer pointers, alternate backgrounds in pattern previewer, background color adjustments in pattern previewer, exporting PAT file, saving and using the pattern tile, exporting a single repeat from previewer, setting up a half-drop repeat in previewer, pattern design with previewer workflow best practices, and much more.

The key concepts I will include are:

  • Arranging elements into an effective pattern
  • Creating a tile that can be repeated seamlessly
  • Changing the background of the design using multiple methods
  • Backing up your patterns
  • Review of my techniques in creating the initial layout
  • Perfecting the composition
  • Approaches you can take in your creative work

This is a great course for you to take no matter what you plan to be using the pattern for. Learn to work efficiently in a professional manner.

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